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Sanding Sealer Drop Filling

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I am in the process of sealing a stained veneer on my guitar and a few areas need drop filling. I have sprayed some into a cup for the first go around and I know I can continue to spray some of the can into a cup, but its going to take several drop fills to get some of these. I'd rather not waste the spray if I do not have to. Now I am using a nitrocellulose sander sealer laquer from Stewmac.com (The ColorTone brand)

And I have a bottle of Aero Gloss 71-4 Sanding Sealer that if its compatible would be nice to use instead. And I got the idea from the first time I sprayed it into the cap because it looks just like the Aero Gloss when stirred.

Anyone know if I can use this to do the drop filling? I dont want to risk damaging the veneer and have to start over that would suck.

Thanks in advance

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