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Blues Blasters, Nawlins Series

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Been working on this seris of Blues Blasters, I recovered the Wood when removing damaged Beams in 3 buildings on Magazine street in New Orleans, they where 18"wide and 6" thick, so I am hand carving the bodies, Buildings were Built in 1814 useing timber from the Ramparts, built to defend New Orleans from The British Troops in 1812, have found Musket Balls in the wood!! too cool!!



Over wound Hummies, wax potted, 500k pots, Kicks butt


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now thats some wood thats just bleeding history

Your right Tim!! it freaks me to plane this timber and Think of everything its been thru, wow!

Here is a Blues Bender,The dark areas were actually Musket Ball Holes!! I filled them with clear epoxy so you can see into them!! Iam puttin some Mojo into it!! with a 2 headed crawfish from the Bell river,a Blue egg and the feather from the chickin that Layed the egg, and the Skin from a copperhead actually killed in the shop.



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I'm itchin to play one, but won't be back down there for a while :D If you feel like selling any of the wood outright - let me know.

How Big a piece ya need, ??

The beams were removed from 317 magazine street, do to damaged ends that were supported by masonry walls

They are Red Heart Pine, which is very rare today due to there very slow growth rate, early they was used for everything

Flooring , structural, supports,etc very strong and very dense and a beautiful wood


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