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About Trussrod Length

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Hello, it's been a long time since I post here :D

My question is this: I was using the old StewMac Les Paul plans and it said that the trussrod length was 16" long from the nut to the 16th fret and on the new plans it says about 18" long from the nut to the 21st fret.

So I already cut and prepared 4 trussrods which measures 16" long aprox.... Will this affect the guitar??? all the necks are to be setnecks (a Firebird, a Flying V...) Am I screwed?

thanks for the responses, do you think that if I change the anchor can I use them for Fender-type necks???

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the truss rod has no effect in the body end - so its reasonable to only have it going so far into the heel

so maybe fine for LP's which have a 16th fret body join although i would want it slightly further into the heel for security - halfway between the body join and end of neck seems reasonable

But it wont work so well with a flying V, firbird or SG which have longer necks free of the body

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Most people buy double action truss rods, they have to be manufactured (welded). Sound like you are using single action rod. Guitar correct but old school. If you are cutting a double action rod its most likely destroyed (I am assuming you are not).

First steel single action rods are cheap if you are making your own using a tap and die set. So just buy a few feet of new rod.

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