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Series/parallel Switching A Gpo Dragonfire Hb

Johnny Foreigner

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I bought a set of these: http://www.guitarpartsonline.com/product_i...products_id=185

they're 4 wire and I want to do some series/parallel switching on them.

However, the wiring instructions only mention that green is hot, black is ground and for normal operation you should tape red and white together.


i need to figure out if it's:




right? because if I get it wrong, the dpdt switch won't work at all.

I assume what I need to do is get a multimeter and test something. buggered if I could tell you what I should test or how, however. advice gratefully received.

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your halfway there already. make sure red and white are seperate before beginning. and set the multimeter to ohms

Put one lead from the multimeter on the green wire, then attach the other multimeter lead to either white or red. Which ever gives you a reading will be the -ve connection. the other one should not give you a reading. That should also tell you which one is the +ve from the black wire, but check the multimeter readings between black and that wire to be sure. then twist together teh white and red to test the humbucker on full power is close to advertised spec

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