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Jackson Charvel Reflex Active Pickups

Alfonso C.

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Ok, I redrew the schematics exactly as I see them in the old fax I got from Jackson a long time ago. I drew two configurations (volume, mid, and tone and volume, mid, and high). My question is regarding the volume pot and the tone pots (w/ center detent). In the diagram I labeled the posts as 1, 2 and 3, and if you look at the tone pots, they're wired in the reverse of the volume. This is how it's represented in the original schematic but it doesn't make sense to me. If anyone can shed some light on this issue I'm all ears. Thanks in advance.

Volume, Mid, High


Volume, Mid, Tone


Al :D

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actually if you look on the original one you posted on the passive tone drawing its third lug isn't connected to ground as you represented it to be. which makes sense its showing the pots as you look at the back of them mounted inside the guitar. a standard wiring between the volume and the tone control looks like that in the back. the mid control is interesting but i believe its more of a volume for a fixed freq filter. but i am unsure its pretty similar to what my buddies guitar looked like b4 i got a hold of it.


i blew it up for you it took me a minute to find it. lol time for my new specs :D

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