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Newbie With A Question


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I am new here, and I need to ask a question or two...

I am buying several Saga Guitar kits and I would like to learn how to paint and finish them.

The last kits I bought I left them as they were.

I would like to paint them translucent colors. Where can I buy this type of paint?

How would I finish it? Lacquer? Clear paint?

Thanks for answering!

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You are using two opposing terms paint and translucent. You need to discuss tinted finish not painted finish. Me thinks you need to do some basic research into paints and tints and how they work.

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If I'm correct, I would need a dye (maybe mixed with alchohol) that would bring out the finish and it would be transparent (where'd I get translucent?). After that, some spray lacquer and wet sanding until the glass-y type finish shows...

Am I right?

How many coats would I need to protect it and get a good glass-y finish?

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