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UK/Kent based supplier of Hardwoods

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Guys and Gals,

Further to my question on where to find hardwoods in Kent in the UK, I thought it only fair to share what i've discovered.

Morgan & Co Ltd are very friendly, helpful and knowlageable. I called them and explained what I was looking for and they told me they can supply Mahogany, Maple, Ash, Wenge, Oak, walnut, etc... by the board. All materials are sold by thickness (I was Quoted 1 to 4 inch sizes over the phone), usually sold in 10/12ft long boards and most are from stock.

An example was a 10ft x 2ft x 2" mahogany board costing somewhere in the region of £45! They also have offcuts available by the pallet-truck load for £100-150.

Morgan & Co (Strood) Ltd.

Knight Rd






01634 290909

Contact Paul in sales for details of species available and prices.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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Good work sir, you deserve a medal :D

I'm away from home right now but i normally live in Kent, so its nice to have somewhere relatively close to source materials. That pricing seems very appealing as well. Don't suppose you know if its collection based or a 'discuss over the phone and they post' thing?

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hm this could be useful. all i really need to do is find somewhere that i can buy half decent necks for not too much now lol

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That all depends on how much you want to spend. Apart from Ebay, youve got Kent Armstrong/Allparts UK division based in Kent as well. Or if youre near London, ROKAS in Denmark Street has a big range of parts. Ive seen Ibanez necks in there for not a lot of money.

Basically, shop around some of the bigger Music Shops. They sometimes has some right jewels just sitting there.

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