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Best Substance To Fill Led Fretbord Holes?

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Hi All

I have been googling for an answer to this for a while. I had originally thought that epoxy resin would be ideal but some sites contradict this saying it's incompatible with the natural oils in the wood. Has anybody done this? If so what do you recommended using? I plan to use my smallest router bit (8th of an inch) to cut a line from the edge of the fretboard about a quarter of an inch in and about a sixteenth deep at each marker position (3rd,5th.....). on the underside I'll have circular holes routed (not sure how big but enough to take the 3 mm bulbs and obviously channels running from the 3rd to the end of the board for the cabling to return to the battery compartment in the body.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Epoxy works just fine. I use it to glue fingerboards, never had a problem with either ebony (macassar or black) or rosewood (to date, only indian). Test on a piece of scrap if you're worried. Some folks use Smith's epoxy for extra oily woods (cocobolo might qualify, indian, madagascar, ebony don't), but I have no issues using West Systems on any of the wood species I've got sitting around.

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