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Pots For Hss Setup


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using extra poles to load down the neck and mid. pups (making the darker pups even darker..) seems like a waste of a super switch to me....turning down a 500k pot to 8-9 is the same as using a 250k pot (or using an expensive superswitch to simulate it..)

I mean, why not use a pup set that match tonally rather than using an expensive switch to waste signal to earth??

I'd use 500k pots and put the superswitch to better use :D

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How about using 500k volume pot and putting a resistor across lugs 1 and 3 to lower the resistance? I havent done the math yet but if I get the pot down to the 300-400 range it might be a decent compromise.

That will also affect the taper.

You can get 300k pots quite easily. most pots (and other electrical components) have a tolerance of +/-20% so your average 300k can be anywhere between 240k and 360k, a 250k pot will be between 200k and 300k and so on... it's very possible a '300k' pot will have a lower value than a '250k' pot, ie don't worry about it to much :D

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Thanks for the help guys. I know there is no easy solution to a HSS setup. If I go with all 500k pots should I do the treble bleed mod as well. My only concern there is I love how the fuzz face cleans up with the volume knob and have heard the treble bleed mod changes this quite a bit.

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