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Old Kay Guitar Pickup Installation


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I bought an old Kay Guitar off of ebay:


I took it to a luthier and got it converted to lefty (it's a curse). I've recently been toying with the idea of putting a pickup in. Now, I'm not sure that I want an acoustic pickup. I want to throw an electric pickup in. Does anybody have any suggestions for the type of pickup I should put in? I'm thinking about putting in one of these, but I'm not sure how it would sound.

I'm also worried that drilling holes in my guitar might affect the sound.

Sorry this isn't really the most technical question, but I'd love some input.


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go for a floating pickup attached to the neck or pickguard - much less damage to the instrument


then ypu can put a jack on the edge or endpin (endpin is more difficult if working through f-holes

if you used controls like this:


you would not need to add any holes to the top

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its a magnetic pickup - so its not ideal to use bronze acoustic strings. They still have a steel core and you will still get a sound, but because the windings on the string are bronze (non ferrous) a large part of wound strings wont have any effect on the magnetic field

electric guitar strings are made totally out of a ferrous metal

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