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6-wire (+ground) Fan Motor Wiring


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So, I have a motor I want to turn into a pickup winder. From what I can tell I think it's an AC motor. It's got 7 wires coming out of it, and it runs on 3 speeds. From my research I think these are the start/end to 3 coils around the motor (and a case grounding) and therefore it controls the 3 speeds by powering up 1, 2, or all 3 of these coils. The current wiring is this: yellow and red go to a 12uF capacitor, blue black and brown go to the control knob/pot, green goes to green of the plug, white goes to white of the plug wire. Also, a thicker black comes out of the 3-speed control knob and goes to the black of the plug wire.

My question is this... how to I ditch the "3-speed" knob and somehow work in a variable-speed pot? I'm guessing I'll have to pull the 3-speed out, hook up it's three connections the the black of the plug's wire and run the motor at "top speed" to start with, then put in the variable control somewhere farther down the line? Or perhaps keep the 3-speeds and still put a variable speed down the line so I have linear control of all 3 speed settings?

Also, what sort of thing should I use for the variable control? Would a simple dimmer switch/knob work? Or am I gunna have to shell out for something like a router speed controller?

I also am curious as to where to put the reverse switch... I have a general idea from some reading but am not 100% sure.

Any help would be great!


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