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Sustainer Circuit


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I've started this topic as I have created my own Sustainer Circuit bassed on FoneBone's "FRS777" circuit.

This may seem like a rookie mistake but ive got no idea where on the circuit to put the output, and was thinking maybe one of the gurus on here could take a look at my circuit and help me out.

That is my circuit. As I said, I've got no idea where to put the output, and I know its probably really simple but I'm not sure.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Surely you had to work from a schematic to get the layout. You will have much more success if you post the schematic along with the layout. Usually the output from your circuit is at one of the lugs of your switch, especially if you are looking for true bypass. From what it looks like, I would run your pcb output to lug C1 and then your total circuit output to lug C2. That gives you true bypass. Best of luck.

Just an observation, those traces look mighty thin and having such a long trace from your switch to your pcb input will have a higher paracitic capacitance and higher noise susceptibility than if you put the switch closer to the pcb input, especially since you are running right next to a ground path for a while.

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Sorry, I've just realised how badly I worded my post. What I meant was, where on the circuit is the output? I know where to put it to on the switch and everything I just don't know where it should come from on the board.


That is the schematic I have worked from, appart from the layout of the 3PDT switch.

I have also changed the layout of my circuit as suggested.

I have also just had the thought, if I were to wire the "output" of the circuit between the 220uf capacitor and the dpdt switch, would that be a reasonable/suitable place? As from what I understand the 3PDT true bypass switching grounds the circuit input?

Sorry if any of that doesn't make sense.



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