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Aagghhh So Many Wires!


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Here is the wiring diagram I drew out please help me.


Problem: No Sound...lol, well just buzz when i plug it in to an amp


1. The HB pickup is soldered to a seymour duncan triple shot and those wires go to the sustainer board.

2. The SC pickup goes to the sustainer board.

3. The Sustainer pickup goes to the sustainer board.

4. The ABQ, SPC, and the Sustainer board are all battery powered.

5. From the board, it goes to the 5 Way PU Selector.

6. From the PU Selector it goes to the ABQ(Volume) Pot.

7. From the ABQ(Volume) pot, it goes to the SPC(Tone) pot.

8. From the SPC(Tone) pot, it hits the output jack.


1. From the board, there is no ground output? Or I dont know which wire it is.

- So I soldered the ground input of the ABQ to the sleeve of the jack.

2. Should something be grounded to the tremolo claw?

I also couldnt get the sustainer's light to light up.

Here are the other diagrams.

ABQ: http://www.emgpickups.com/content/wiringdiagrams/ALXAlternate0230-0154c%20.pdf

SPC: It has the same 5 pins (in an outs) like the ABQ

SUSTAINER: http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/7971/sustainerdiagram.jpg

Please help me guys!!

Thanks for your time.

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am i all alone?

Not exactly. It's a complicated wiring diagram, and who knows what happened? I can't help, but I can sympathize. When this happened to me not too long ago, I took everything apart and started over, testing at each step with test leads and a tuning fork.


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thanks man i checked my wiring over and now i have sound, i appreciate it a lot,

i think everything is working except...

When the sustainer is off, the bridge pu doesnt have sound. When its turned on however, i hear output from the bridge pickup. Has anyone ran into this problem with the sustainer before?

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