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Body Painting, Veneer Staining

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My current plan for my first build is to paint the back and sides of my body black, and I have a quilted maple veneer for the top that I will be bursting green middle to black edge. I plan on blending the edge into the rest of the gloss black body. I am wondering what order of glueing the veneer, staining it, and painting the body should be. I think there are multiple possibilities that could work, but I'm wondering what everyone's experiences and ideas are about the best/most efficient way to do it is. Also, when should I drill the holes for the neck bolts and pickup mounting rings?

Thanks in advance,


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If I were you, I would take maybe a 8" x 8" scrap piece of your body wood, or whatever you can come up with, and perform all tasks on it before you attempt to do them to the real body.

Veneer it, sand it, spray it, smooth it, stain it, everything, ...do to it first.

That way, you'll figure out what to do and when to do it as you go...call it OTJ experience.

Instead of giving you a single fish (the answer you want), I'm giving you a way to fish for yourself, so you can go to any body of water and know how to catch many fish at any time.

Just dive in and get started, just start on the scrap piece first...every time, every function, before doing it to the real thing.

Don't you just love that? :D

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