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Help On Bridge Pins

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Ive been a member on here for some time, but just now really getting into this and learning how to play. Anyway, a few months ago I bought an autographed Baden guitar. While it is autographed, I do intend to play it and I do not want to play with the original strings or pins. I bought some bone, horn, and brass bridge pins to play with. But simplest of all things....... How in the world do I get these pins to stay in? I did notice the grove in the horn/bone pins is very narrow compared to the ones that came out. Brass ones are same width, but I still cant get them to stay. Did I order wrong ones?

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Make sure you are installing the strings correctly. The ball end of the string must not be against the end of the pin but in front of it and snugged up against the top.

Push the string into the bridge hole making sure about 20 mm sticks out clear underneath. Push the pin end then pull up on the string, with your other hand through the sound hole pull the ball end slightly forward and make sure the ball pulls up against the sound board.

You might need to widen the slots in the pins for the thicker strings. The slot should ideally be just a little wider than the string.

The easiest way to do this in my experience is to use a dremel with a ball end cutter of a suitable size. I made up a jig to hold the pin and not lacerate my fingers. Have a look at Pin Slotter I made my own version of it using a drawer slide I had.


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