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Birchwood Casey Filler/sealer Vs. Shellac


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i've been using Birchwood Casey's Filler/Sealer to seal the wood before applying waterbased timbermate grain fill.

about 3 sessions of filler/sealer and grain fill...then finish off with tru-oil (about 10 coats)

the final finish has some small grey areas over the rosewood, so.....

I understand that shellac (Zinsser) would be a better sealer and works great under tru-oil.

Should I use shellac in place of the Birchwood Casey Sealer/Filler (using before each grain fill)????

1. Seal with Shellac

2. Grain Fill

3. Sand

Repeat 1 thru 3 until pores are filled

thoughts? Comments?


build on!

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