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Bolt On Neck Seating

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Hello all...

So, as previously mentioned on this forum, I am building my first project guitar. As its my first attempt I am building a cheap stratocaster, there is bound to be a bit of learning as I go along.

I have a 90's squire strat body that I am stripping and respraying. I brought a squire neck from ebay also.

Whilst the screw holes for bolting the neck to the body marry up perfectly, the neck is not a tight fit into the body, there is a small game (1mm) on either side of the neck.

Does this need to be a tight fit? If so, is there a way of packing the space?

All help greatly appreciated!


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This is common on factory guitars, and the cheaper the model the more likely the gap. It is due the using a standard template and allowing room for adjustment to save time versus a well fit neck on a custom guitar. It does not need to be filled, though it will make the neck more stable. On a guitar like a Squire, I doubt you'll notice a tone difference.

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