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Pore Filling Trans Black Mahogany

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I've got a mahogany guitar going on right now that will be finished in trans black using alcohol based aniline dye. I have done a couple test pieces and have the strength of the dye squared away, but what I am wondering is in what order I should grain fill, seal, and dye the body. My thoughts were to dye, spray a couple coats of sealer, fill the pores, then sand back the pore filler, spray another coat or two of sealer and do another treatment of pore filler (and repeat until pores are all filled). Then I would spray a couple more coats of sealer before moving to top coat. I will be using Z Poxy finishing resin for the pore filler. My one concern with this order is that if I accidentally sand through to the dye, I may or may not be able to just do a spot touch up of the dye job. If you guys were to do this finish, what order would you go in?

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