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2 Part Acrylic Urethane Over Nitro? (Deft)

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I've searched all over, including forums that aren't this one.. still cant find a direct answer. It always ends up in a huge debate about which finishes are better/ sound better.

My question is, I just sealed a new build of mine with deft (all I had laying around) I didn't think first about sealing with it. On this build I had planned on using a 2 part acrylic urethane finish. Now that it has been applied already, is it possible to spray acrylic urethane over this Deft "nitro"? I've read so many yes' and no's that I don't trust anyone anymore but you guys. I don't want a bad reaction or something. Thanks again everyone.

If you really want to, clearing up if acrylic urethane dampens guitar tone would be nice too.

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Do a test piece. Only way to know for sure.

Haha man I feel stupid sometimes not thinking of stuff like this.... :-P

But to further backup my question, I haven't went and bought the acrylic Urethane yet. I have it waiting in an online order. I was just about to hit 'confirm order' when I looked to the right and saw that I had put Deft on the guitar body as a sealer. So that is when I researched and then asked here.

Hope this clears things up. But also thank you for giving me some input. I just might order it and try it anyway, I could use the stuff on the next build or something.

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Two part paints wont stick to single part paints (except in a 'clear over base' system where each product compliments the others, which is not the case here).

Single part paints will often work well over two part paints.


nitro base (single part paint), use nitro top coats.

Two pack urethane base, can have nitro top coat

nitro base cant have two pack top coats.

Reasons? Single part paints dont fully cure for extended periods of time, and 'gas out' (even if they are dry to the touch). They dry via evaporation of solvents (thinners/reducer). Two part paints cure via a chemical reaction (part A and B mixed together). The two part paint will be cured while the single part paint is still 'gassing out', ultimately forcing the bond to fail... there is no place for the 'gas' to go.

Doing a test piece might very well work fine, for now. Over the long term it will fail though.

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Second question. has anyone used transtint dyes over a nitro base coat for sealer? like if i wanted to add a burst on this guitar im working on. could i just stain into the nitro and add it? I wanted to try and add a burst. Thanks guys! Off to search some more

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nvm guys i just decided to try it and it came out awesome. It basically just looks like a very slightly dyed nitro around the edges now. So i guess the answer is yes :) as long as its a very very thin nitro coat.

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