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Dimarzio Pickup Question


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I have arbitrarily picked two DiMarzio pickups for my first build. Not completely at random as I like the Petrucci sound, and also wanted something more tame as well...

The current selection will be the DiMarzio LiquiFire (bridge) and Air Norton S (neck). I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has used these models before, and might now how they may pair with a Poplar body.

Also, I am having a hard time finding anyone who sells them in Red (an option on DiMarzio's website). Has anyone had any experiences getting one of the non-stock colors from DiMarzio. How did you go about ordering it?

Thanks in advance!

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i don't know about the single coil sized version but i personally wouldn't wipe my a@# with the norton pickup everyone i have used freaking howls feedback and is awful sounding. just got rid of one in my fly and a buddies lp.

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I've just finish a guitar with the Norton Humbucker, and I'll agree that it does like to respond to noise a bit, but personally I like the sound. I've got in in the bridge position, with a Fred at the neck. If I had a way to record that would accurately capture the sound I would, unfortunatly I do not.

i agree with a bridge position norton its quite tasty and i expect some noise out of a bridge pickup. lol its been my bane for years micro phonic or blown bridge pickups is why my seven string is gone argggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. original lochness green signed by vai

but a neck position i even repotted the one i have here and it still didn't help.

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