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Acoustic Bass Questions

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If you're experienced, go ahead and ignore me, but if you're feeling unsure, you might want to try a semihollowbody. The advantage of that is you can carve out the inside of a solid piece of wood rather than having to worry about bracing. You can just leave a thin border around the edges, and a center block of wood running the length of the body right down the middle, similar to a neck thru. Then you just glue on the top. In my opinion they are easier to make, and I prefer the style because it's light and cool like a hollowbody but shares some of the tonal qualities of a solid body.

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I have never built an acoustic bass, but with my experience in working with acoustics, in particular bracing them, a would say go in a similar route as you would brace a 12-string guitar. They have bracing on the soundboard about 1.5X the dimensioning as a regular 6-string acoustic, not so much bigger with the bracing on the back, not sure about the soundboard thickness though.

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