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What I do with Ebay.

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I am always looking through guitar auctions on E-bay. I am starting to save the pictures from some of them onto a CD. This gives me a reference for my restorations, and scratchbuilt projects. I am getting a decent collection of Tele pics. Many sellers of high end guitars take a lot of pics, and show every part of the guitar. Photos of bodies, necks, and electronic parts are useful for reference too. especially when having to scratchbuild a replacement part. (Lots of "Naked" bodies are also pictured, which show the routing patterns)

There was a '74 Tele custom that just sold for Four grand, that had over twenty great pics. The guitar was pristine, and even the tags and paperwork were there. (Look up Time Capsule) If I ever build a Custom, I now have the perfect reference.

I also am collecting some "Oddball" guitars this way. You never know when they can inspire a project. I am actually thinking of building a Martin E-18 Copy someday, with my own twists, of course. I have the perfect pieces of wood ready to go into it... If you get really good, some of the head on shots could be scanned into a graphics or cad program, and serve as the basis for a blueprint. This is how I will probably make a body pattern for the E-18, if I build it.

Just thinking out loud again...

p.s. I am copying the pics strictly for personal use, so I should be okay with the law.

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