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Why did i take it apart?

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I took my locking trem apart to clean it etc. Now i must've been preoccupied cos i didnt pay attention to how it can apart.

The allen screws that secure the saddle to the base have two possible position (see below). Each pair of holes are 3/16" or 5mm centre to centre. Why does it have them? For extra intonation?

I also noticed that the low E saddle hole, is further back than A and D. Same with the G compared to the B and high E saddle holes. Is this for intonation as well (like when you angle a TOM for more bass intonation)?

Base holes

I also noticed that the saddles are in pairs (numbers are stamped on the back, '1', '2' and '3'). The thickness of the rear of these saddles differs, the number '3' block (top in picture) are the slimest, '2' is in the middle and '1' at the bottom. I can only guess that the lighter the string, the slimmer the block needed for more pivot action when using the fine tuners?

Saddle differences

Any help appreciated. Thanks

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