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Hum/single/hum Middle Pickup Selection


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I setup a guitar with a Humbucker/Single/Humbucker setup and selected the middle pickup as Reverse wound.

It seems as tough when I mix the middle single with the bridge pickup, the volume drops. If I select only the middle pickup, the volume comes back up.

I think that the fact that I used a reverse wind on the middle pickup may be the cause of my problems. Does that make sense?

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Looks like its out of phase - maybe try connecting it the other way around. Middle pickup out of phase does reduce the overall volume quite a bit in the neck+middle and bridge+middle configurations. One funny thing (and you can see if this happens in your case) is that in neck+middle notes played around the 17th-19th fret have the fundamental frequency mostly canceled out so they sound like played an octave higher than in reality. A pretty cool effect.

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