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Dixon DG-5

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I picked up a Dixon DG-5E acoustic electric guitar for $10. It needs new tuners, and it's a little beat up. No real damage, just nicks and bumps from being an older guitar. I cannot find much information on these. From what I've found, they were Martin ripoffs. I read that the company was sued by Martin and Gibson because Dixon had copied their design. I'm not stupid, I'm not expecting this thing to sound like a Martin.

Is this thing worth fixing up, or should I just use it for parts to fix other guitars?

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I got the Dixon up and running. I got it all set up, and it sounds pretty good. The only hangup is that the electric part does not seem to be working. I'm thinking about replacing all the electronics and seeing if that does any thing. It is just an under saddle pickup, two knobs, and a jack. It shouldn't be too difficult.

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