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Rub on Poly???


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I am sure that this question has been asked before...but am going to ask anyway :D

Has anyone used "Rub on Polyurethane"?

I have also seen a product called "pour on Polyurethane"

From the looks of it, the finish is ROCK hard & it appears VERY easy to use (good for guys like me who can't shoot clear to sare their lives)

Any success out there with this stuff???

Better yet...any pictures of guitars finished with this stuff???


Dave K

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I would suspect (I have never used it) it would be harder to get a smooth even surface, and you'd be far more prone to runs on the sides, filling of screw holes, dripping into cavities etc. There is a reason that spraying is used in shops. You don't need to have a full spray gun set up, some very beautiful finishes can be acheived with a spray can.

This guitar was all done with a spray can and polished out :D


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For some reason, that whole "pour on and let dry" thing just never appealed to me. It reminds me of this bench I built about a million years ago. I routed out little 3" x 5" recesses into the top, and placed photos of my family in there... Then I poured on the thick as molasses poly stuff and let it dry.. Sure it looks great, shiny as hell, but it reminds me of molasses... I like to drink mollasses, not pour it on my guitars. =)

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