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Why not dovetail or tongue and groove neck and body on a neck-through bass?

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I'm looking to build a neck-through bass, why does nobody seem to make some kind of joint between the neck and the body pieces (dovetail, tongue in groove ect)? I've read that in theory, a guitar made from a single piece of wood would have more sustain/better tone. Applying that theory, a joint between the neck and the body pieces would make the instrument more solid, resulting in better sustain than two planed pieces glued together flat. ... So why not do that?

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1- It'd be a PITA

2- There's so much surface area that a flat joint is MORE than sufficient for structureal integrity without some complex joinery

3- A lot of people don't prescribe to that voodoo about a guitar being from one piece of wood being better... mainly cause it's voodoo BS

Take it for what it is,


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