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Abalone at a good price?

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My first try at inlay

I just took an inlay class on line at the MIMF.com it was a good start. The link will show you what I have achieved in a short period of time. One of the best thing of this class was the list of sources. Contact

David Nichols

Custom Pearl Inlay

RT1 Box 240 Malone New York 12953

1 518-483-7685

He used to do inlay for Martin and instructed Amy, who is teaching me. I got pearl and abalone for $15.00 per once from him.

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Gabe, is that one of those oscillating carvers? One of the things I really, really learned is you want to sand and polish the shell down to the level of the fingerboard, not so critical in a board being made from the ground up but one that is finished or even fretted it becomes important. I say this to emphasize that the level/depth of the rout needs to be exact. You can see what I’m using at the above web page. Just a dremel with a 1/32” router bit and it works fine.

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Home Depot can order those in, check out this page for the part numbers, it is for the engraving cutter bits.......... :D

You can also use masking tape and wind it around your turbo carver bits if you get into a pinch and want to use them on your Dremel, but that carver is awesome for fine detail work..........

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