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Pickup Hole Cover

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Hello.  I have a project guitar that at one time had 3 humbuckers in it.  It was just too crowded for me so I removed the middle pickup and now I am looking for some ideas of how to cover the hole.  I think a nice way to do it would be to have a custom pick guard made that would fit over the pups and that would cover the hole.  The pick guard that I have does not fit around the pick ups at all so I would have to make one.  I don't think I could do it myself and would not even know where to start.  My next option would be to have a piece of chrome or painted thin metal to slide over the pick up cover for that middle pick up but I guess that would still look crowed also.  Any ideas or any suggestions would be welcome.  Also anyway I could learn how to make my own custom pickguard?  Not sure how I would be able to do a template.  Thanks and here is a pic.



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Are you concerned about appearance or more for playability? A lot of people find their plectrum catches on a middle pickup. For example I vaguely remember Yngwie Malmsteen saying he has the middle pickups on his Strats lowered right down and he never uses them

First thing that comes to my mind is you could take out the pickup ring and put a piece of black plastic in there. Hold it in place by the height adjusting screws. Then put the ring back in place. That would solve the playability problem and the hole would be covered up but still won't look as good as a custom pick guard

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