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Oil/moisture pockets

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I have a piece of olive wood in my possession that has been been drying for the best part of six months, it was about 14% moisture when I got it and upon measuring it recently I noticed that it had finally got down to an average of 8%. Or at least so I thought. During the lengthy planing process (with a router) I noticed an area of the board that seemed darker than the surrounding wood. I put my finger on there and it seemed wet. Measured it and it was over 20% moisture. Shrugged it off and thought I would simply avoid that area when I cut out the shape on the bandsaw. However, more spots emerged. Has anybody else come across this? Pockets of moisture that are trapped deep inside the wood? I have decided to put the piece to one side and let it dry for a longer period. Maybe olive wood is particularly problematic in this regard. 

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