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Veneer bubbling up when wet

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Hey guys,

Just finished putting a veneer on one of my guitars but the back right corner where most guitars are shaved seems to bubble when i get it wet. After it dries it flattens out and looks fine though. My question is should i cut it and inject some glue or will the clear coat dry and flatten out the bubble?

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10 hours ago, Hyperion21 said:

should i cut it and inject some glue

I'd vote for "Yes".

You're probably talking about a very thin veneer, in the range of 0.5 mm or so. That may flatten with the clear coat but the bubble would still be there. It would be prone to resonate and give you some extra buzz if you leave it loose. Also the thick block of wood beneath it might swell or shrink with the surrounding humidity, making the bubble come and go and crack the clear coat.

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