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  1. That blonde stripe at the heel area creates an illusion of more laminated layers! Very stylish!
  2. Wouldn't that mean that the loudest location for a pickup would be at the 12th fret? As it shows in the image, there's a spot where half of the string length is at the largest while at the same time a quarter of the same string is standing still. Which one is node and which antinode, I can't remember. Anyhow, the point is that in such a place one harmonic is strong and another harmonic is muted which explains why the neck pickup on a 22 fret guitar sounds different to that pushed one inch towards the bridge on a 24 fret one.
  3. I still have a six pack of these: https://www.honkavuori.fi/en/beverages/taiga-lakritsi-porter/ Guess I'll have to buy another crate before the bargain stock runs out! One single € a bottle including the 10c deposit is not too bad...
  4. I've seen it somewhere and it was so simply put that even I could understand the idea. But don't ask me to tell you how it works! Very simplified, if you measure halfways the scale you'll end up at the 12th fret where there's a node. And if you measure halfways between the 12th fret and the bridge, you'll end up at the 24th or the neck pickup location where there's another node. Or are they antinodes? Anyhow, if you think about a looong skipping rope and then cut it in half and cut the half in half, the bridge pu location is where the hand of the rope swinger would be.
  5. Fully agree! Washing instead of sanding back can sometimes work wonders. Depending on the dye, even water can work but it can also raise grain which then has to be sanded lightly.
  6. Well, things are not so good in this part of the country: The sauna is no longer ready. But we won't run out of beer tonight!
  7. Step right up folks! It's Rainman v.s. Weatherman! Who will be the Champignon of today's farting competition? Come and smell the eye-watering tournament!
  8. I'm as good as you when it comes to electronics... Double check your jack wiring! I had a similar issue with less complicated pickups and no matter how many times I had read the diagrams I managed to solder the two wires to the jack wrong. Another place to double check is the switch, there's also a possibility to mix the ground and hot wires.
  9. Another vote for any sort of burst, the wood is quite pretty!
  10. Me too! And the antibiotics may make them worse as they kill all the 'good' bacteria as well
  11. Since we've now moved to the old men's disease comparison, I'm halfways with a 6 day antibiotic treatment. Most likely due to wearing a mask several hours a day at work some bacteria have found out that my chronic sniffles makes for a perfect growing environment under the mask. My nose swelled and turned red and finally started clogging the lacrimal ducts. Fortunately the cure seems to help, erysipelas would not be something I'd like to have on my face!
  12. Is that because of requirements for sustainability or "just" demand? People staying at home instead of bars not to mention vacation trips, all that money wanting to be spent? And nothing else to do than renovations...
  13. That was what I was first thinking of as well but as I'm not too experienced with binding, I thought that getting some finish over the seams might not be too bad of an idea. Following that thought applying shellac over the binding only might help hiding the barrier. The order might then be: Apply the matte to the bottom and sides including the binding, carefully tape along the side seam of the binding, apply shellac over the binding, apply the glossy to the top and binding, rip off the tape. That raises the question, how to scrape off the ridge where the glossy has met the tape. Then agai
  14. Nothing against shiny and matte here, I suppose your plan will bring the best out of both woods. The nitro may or may not stick to the varnish, a layer of shellac between them should take care of that. If you apply the shellac on the binding only, it might even add some natural yellowish patina to the Mother of Toilet Seat. No experience here either, but the shellac trick has been verified on so many forums including this that it must be true.
  15. I mean, can you hear-hear the guitar during a gig, not just from the speaker but also through your bones or whatever it is? As you said, the ES sounded great on its own but not in the mix which might tell that within the solo sound you were 'hearing' more than just the electric sound while in the mix it was more similar to a 'recorded' sound if the band distorted your physical connection to the instrument. After reading the above I'm not sure if you can understand a word I'm saying. I'm not sure if I understand it myself!
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