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  1. Definitely not, at least not any of those mentioned, or rather all of those. There's every myth and story ever told in that figured colouring. The spiritual aspect of Creation was already mentioned, equally it could illustrate a post-industrial Mad Max by night or any sort of apocalypse. Despite all of the flames and smoke I wouldn't call it a weapon of Doom, though; the fire is elemental and pure like a volcano, deadly but not evil. I'd say that guitar requires tunes with a meaning, performed with attitude in any style.
  2. Holy Mackerel! I repeat the Big Bang reference, with the addition that there seems to be fiery fumes blown out amidst the burning moustache the flame-eyed Creator!
  3. Although it can be seen, the grain matches surprisingly well! I'd say the patch is as good as a patch can get. If it starts to bug you, reshaping the horn a bit shorter can easily be explained as improving playability on the highest frets...
  4. That was an easy to answer survey even for one speaking a foreign language. One option was missing where you had to put the properties in order: Playability! No matter how good the tone is, or the extra features, or portability, or unique looks; if you struggle to get a note out of it you won't play it. A good guitar or any other instrument feels like it plays by itself, the player is just giving hints. Almost like a mind reading thing! Good luck with your survey!
  5. You're right, the wood was gorgeous to start with but it was just a piece of figured lumber. The middle version somehow reminds me of the covers of the Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman, both because of the gloominess and the figuration, just beyond being able to actually see what the picture is about. There's been several threads about removing the finish but your method beats them all! And... the end result is fantastic! There's stories untold starting from the Big Bang, the all-seeing eyes of an Almighty Creator, their will stirring swirling Galaxies from the flaming Chaos in the Infi
  6. I was thinking about that while driving to work. You can use pieces of leather, hardboard or thick cardboard between the wedges and the body to prevent dents as those will spread the pressure on a larger area, thus preventing dents. You can make the wedges out of any wood although I'd prefer some dense hardwood like maple or beech. Pine might split under pressure. Having all sorts of wedges at hand can be very helpful, make them wide, narrow, long, short, tall... And save them for future use! The illustration just shows where to put them, not the actual shape or size.
  7. Hey, having a workshop is luxurious. If it's warm enough to serve as a wood storage, even better. After 9 pm most people aren't at their best anyway, so take your wife's command as a safety advice!
  8. Car owners in snowy countries know that too well... The salt that is spread on the highways when there's snow and the temperature isn't too much below freezing point. Oh boy does it stick on the surfaces! Just liquid enough to be raised as mist by the tires of the previous car, instantly drying on your car. And the same mist sneaks into every slit and slot under your car, living with the weather. A drive-in car wash isn't a solution either as it's still too cold to leave the freshly washed car outside, the doors will freeze stuck.
  9. One word: Wedges! For addressing hard to reach areas like that one option is to pinch the piece between two boards held in place with clamps and then add wedges between the board and body to apply diagonal pressure. Let me draw it! Another trick is to use the bars of the clamps as levers. Use whatever you can - bungee cord, rope, another clamp - to pull the bars towards each other.
  10. I just love how you make them look loved instead of abused!
  11. I know what a capacitor is and I've done some recapping for motherboards but when it comes to understanding electronics... To me it's as mysterious as women!
  12. Every time I see the little date tags I think of stealing the idea. And I always forget! Those are untouchable, I've seen my share of digital photos with wrong dates since no-one has remembered (how) to set the time and date after the battery has run out.
  13. Definitely! If you can make it you can pat yourself on the shoulder and say *atta boy*! Just don't try it on the actual guitar first. Use sacrificable wood for a makeshift body - you can even attach the neck as it's bolt-on - and hone your templates until you're satisfied with the result. The temporary body can be something like piece of 2x5 of whatever you happen to have at hand. MDF, pine, plywood... Just enough for the bridge to be in the right place.
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