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Wood Hardener

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I guess this is sort of a new topic. I was going to purchase miniwax wood hardener, but the guy at the store told me that it's basically just a sealer that provides extra hardness. I have an irregularly soft spalted maple top that I would like to reinforce, but I'm wondering what products I should use. I have stewmac grain filler and sanding sealer. Should I just use them (will they strengthen the wood)? Or should I use a combination of either of them and the wood hardener? If so, at what step in the process would I apply the wood hardener? Thanks for all your help!

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wood harderner will harden your maple top, it may also distort the color so i would try it on a scrap piece bfore you go wiping it on your top, as far as grain filler goes you dont need it for maple usually its on mahogany and a few others to fill the openness of the grain for when you paint it the wood doesnt soak up alot of finish, sanding sealer im not sure on ive never used it

just always try anything you do on scrap first


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The Minwax product will stiffen the wood fibers, but won't harden the wood like you are hoping...I've used it to try and save an old door jamb and threshold which was starting to give up the ghost....it did OK.....but not nearly what I expected or was hoping for. I have tried it on spalted maple for some turnings and it did not do an adequate job.

CPES is what you need....or thin CA(cyanoacrylate....superglue)


As for the stew mac grain filler and sealer....Grain fillers are just that....fillers. They don't possess any agents that will stiffen wood fibers.

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