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Cutting Channels in Mahogany


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Hey everyone! So for my next build I'm planning on doing an inlay just behind the stop tail piece. I've been looking up ways to cut a channel in the wood so I can fill it with inlay material but there a bunch of ways it could work. Does anyone know the best way to inlay on mahogany?

I can't post a pic of my design right now but it consists of a couple long, narrow (quarter inch) channels running from the bottom of the body to just short of the tailpiece. I'm having trouble with is figuring out what I'm gonna use to cut the channels into the wood.

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The best way often is what feels the most comfortable to you. Sometimes changing or at least modifying your method might be advisable, though.

A router against a fence is the power tool to use for straight lines. For smaller inlay work a Dremel type router is most likely best. Cutting the outlines with a very sharp scalpel or X-acto knife will keep the edges from tearing.

You can also do the cutting with various size chisel. Again, cutting the outlines is important. With chisels you can use the cut-to-cut method: Cut the outline, then carve in an angle from the inside of the inlay so you get a half V groove with a vertical outer wall. Rinse and repeat until you're at the desired depth. Then simply carve the inside flush with the bottom of the groove. For that even a free hand Dremel router is accurate enough.


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