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Refretting done cheaper I hope, DMLS


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Anybody hear of any luthiers using Direct Metal Laser Sintering to restore frets and hopefully avoid yanking them out? You can specify what material is used as to hardness.  Seems like you could really control how high and wide your frets are if you could add material instead of just removing (filing) material. At this juncture I have no idea what time costs on such a device.

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Based on what I found it requires the piece to be built on a metal surface inside a 3D printer of sorts. A wooden neck may not fit in and even if it fitted and it would not be easy to relocate it accurately for every fret. The surface will be grainy and require a heat treatment for hardness.

Laser sintering pays in hollow objects where inside machining is not possible. One off or small series manufacturing is also profitable. 22 frets of different lengths may not be.

Interesting idea, though.

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