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ESP M-II Standard wiring help


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Hi guys,

Doing a quick favour for a workmate here, but I want to make sure I get this right.

I have his ESP M-II Standard, with 2 active EMG's, 1 Volume, and one 3 way toggle switch.

Years ago his brother mucked around and tried installing a sustainer (something I'm new to and reading about now). Naturally, it didn't work, and now he has a dodgy expensive guitar. His guitar volume now does nothing but affect tone somehow.

He's happy for me to have a go at returning it to the original state, but I wanna get this right as it's a nice guitar. And there's no way they'd take it to a tech - it'd just go back in the shed and gather dust for years.

Just wondering if anyone has any schematics or wiring diagrams they can help me with? Haven't had much luck with google so far.

Currently, I'm also awaiting a reply from ESP.

Thanks in advance.


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4 minutes ago, Eljaroli said:

The grime up the fretboard is another issue that needs to be addressed!

There's several ways to address that.

  • Lighter fluid has been used
  • Dedicated fretboard Lemon oils are basically lighter fluid with some mineral oil and scent
  • Crimson Guitars make a more gentle cleaner fluid
  • Water and soap can make wonders! Just don't soak the wood, wring your rag properly before attacking the gunk. Dishwasher soap is fine as it can remove grease but if you're worried about residue use Marseille soap as it's basically a conditioner as well.
  • A single edge razor blade used as a scraper is also a good tool for unlacquered fretboards. Scrape from the fret towards the center of the space in between being cautious not to scratch the frets. When you've cleaned the fretboard, run the very corner of the blade along each fret side to clean right at the seam.

Note that each of the methods also remove the moisturizing oil from the fretboard. After cleaning apply some good restorative oil - boiled linseed oil is fine, vegetable oils may go rancid. Apply plenty, let soak for a while and wipe it all off with a dry paper. Wait for five minutes and wipe again what's sweated from the pores. Don't throw the oily papers in the bin as they may ignite by themselves!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Update, The wiring was fine in the end. The issue was just a broken shield connection to the stereo input jack.

Had the usual fun setting up the floyd rose. These bridges are not for me.

The ESP sounded great - but my yamaha RGX421D was similar to my untrained ears. One thing I noticed was the ESP frets were smoother at the neck edge than the yamaha.

My Mate loves it. 


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