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best place to get stains canada?

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I'm new to the forums!

I'm repainting an old strat for my first practice project, and I was wondering if there were any Canadians here that could recommend where to buy a good quality stain.  Best for the price I should say since this is just a first practice run..  I'm doing all this in an apartment so water based everything is probably the way to go for me. 

thanks a bunch! 

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I only know one person living in Canada so this is just a general Outside the Box hint:

For what I've learned from Jerry Rosa's videos leather dyes are both inexpensive and good quality also for woodworking.

There's a difference how water based dyes work vs. spirit based ones when you apply more than one colour or layer. Water based dyes blend with the previous layer, allowing for bursts or subtle slides from one colour to another. So if you put a layer of water based blue on water based yellow, you'll get some sort of green whereas if you have a layer of spirit based yellow covered with water or spirit based blue you'll see hints of the yellow like the bottom of a creek.

If you're worried about spills and stains and want a water based dye for easy cleaning, forget about that. Ventilation is not a big problem either, an open window or working under the stove hood take care of most of the fumes.

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