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Grain filler question

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If you are going to use a regular paint on mahogany, I would expect that you are going to use primer before the paint. At least, I would. Thus, the color of the grain filler is not relevant.

But first, practice on some scrap. And :D:DB)

Guitar Ed

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There is no such thing as white 'dye', but what you can buy is white pigment. I use Tints-All, that stuff mixes with almost anything out there, water-based, oil-based, etc...and you can buy it in small tubes for just a buck or two. The white is called Flake White. That's the black that I use to do my edge-bursting mixed with my lacquer shader/toner coats is their Lamp Black.

I LOVE their Prussian Blue too. Really beautiful blue pigment. If you mix it thin enough, you can still use it for transparent shader coats.

Any art supply store should have some kind of white pigment that should be compatable.

Sounds neat, love to see if it works!

That would mix in fine with oil-based grain filler.


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