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Silver inlays?


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It's not the engraving I'm worried about, I'd find a way for that, it's that our school panics and evacuates every time a mercury thermometer breaks, getting enough of the stuff to do a fretboard would be hell!

Still, I'm curious... I have a family friend whos a dentist, maybe they could hook me up...

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also, can it be routed? Could I rout the fretboard radius after doing the inlay?

I've worked with sterling silver inlay before (and am currently doing another). You'd be much better off sanding the radius than trying to rout the silver. I think the results would be quite disasterous. It can be sanded with some patience though. Just remember to change to a finer grit before you get too close to the final shaping - otherwise you won't get the scratches out and it will not look good.

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