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Curtis P

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I am in need of a Headstock Logo, doesnt have to be fancy dancy logo, but something that is kinda neat, kinda like the one JFC drew up, but maybe not like that, it can be found here does anyone have a good program to do something like this? my microsoft paint and photoimpression really sucks, so i cant draw anything, plus, i have awesome editing skills (hint hint weezer B):D )

If anyone can come up with something, it would be awesome, if not, dont worry about it



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Hi, best program for designing logos is something like Corel Draw - to make anything even half decent looking you need to do it as a Vector graphic, rather than a Raster ( Jpeg, BMP etc.. ).

I would offer to help, but I do this commercially so I'd have to charge you for it, but I'm sure there's some people on the forum who could help out for free.

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We generally price each design individually as the cost depends on how complex it is and how long it will take to sort out. Ususal price for most fairly basic text based logos is between £10 and £30 - recreating an existing logo into print ready form is usually a bit more as there's more work involved.

If you're having it made up as a decal, and want quite a few of them, we can often include the artwork charge with this - other than that, custom decals are from £10 upwards each. If you've already got print ready artwork in a Vector graphic format, we can just make up the decals and theres no charge for the artwork.

If you're interested in having something done just drop me an e-mail at mike@thedecalshop.co.uk and let me know what you're looking for - if you've got a rought sketch, copy of a similar design or any other artwork, e-mail this over as well as it'll give me more of an idea.


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In simple terms - with Vector graphics, the design is made up of only straight and curved lines - think of something like the Fender logo - you can see this can be split into various curved and straight lines joined together to form the outline of the words, which can then be filled.

Vector graphics ( like EPS, CDR, DXF, DWG etc... ) can be scaled bigger or smaller without losing any quality, unlike if you scale the size of a Raster ( BMP, JPEG ) it will look really blocky.

On a slightly more complicated leverl, Vectors are stored by the computer in a kind of mathematical way - think of a join the dots puzzle - Rasters are stored as a grid of pixels of different colours - this is why photo's etc.. on the PC are generally Raster's, as thats how PC screens display things - whatever you're looking at on the screen now is essentially a large Raster image ( without getting into how you make different colours with only 3 colours on the screen etc... ).

As far as producing things like decals goes, using Vector graphics gives really sharp edges to the image and letters - If you print out a JPEG of a design you've made, even in high resolution, if you look closely you will see the edges are blurred, and if you have a transition between two colours, say the outline and fill of a letter, this will blend from one colour to another rather than having one colour stop dead and the next one start.

Most of the people you see selling repro decals just use a scan of an image and print it as a JPEG, which is why the decals arent always very good quality - in the same way if you design your logo as a Raster, you'll never get it to look as professional as a Vector one.

Hope this isnt too boring, but in simplest terms, Rasters are fuzzy, crap and low quality, and Vectors are sharp and look great. ( Which is why we spend hours reproducing and converting things so we can print using Vectors rather than just sell a dodgy scan of someones headstock :D )

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