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Wet Sanding


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For a long time I have spent many an hour wet sanding to say the least. It is just about the most tedious part of finishing.

I recently visited another forum where a luthier was talking about using acetone instead of water for this part of the finish. While I can see both the pro's and con's associated with using a highly flammable liquid as a cutting agent I'm just wondering if anybody else use's this method on a regular basis?

For now I'll try to find the post and also invite him in here to give us a heads up on it. I do know it is a practice that goes on in the automotive finishing industry from time to time but I would like to learn more about it.......

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well, I don't know how I'd feel about wet sanding with acetone when it can be used as a thinning agent for laquer, and we all know laquer is never impenetrable.

I think acetone would dull the paint, soften it, etc. Just like isopropyl alcohol, it will dull a completely cured finish if you get it on there. Beyond that, the toxicity of acetone, and what it would do to your skin, I think I'll stick with water and detergent thank you.

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