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How do you select wood for acoustics? (ukulele's or acoustic guitars)

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Hey y'all, I am interested for the future in building either a ukulele or full acoustic and I was wondering about what wood pairings are good for acoustic stringed instruments? My local shop has a bunch of figured Pomelle Makore and Mahogany back pairs ranging for 35-45 dollars USD. I wouldn't use something like Zricote which I would love to do but this would be my first acoustic build. Now when selecting wood for a hollow stringed and fretted instrument, what would be good for a first time build? What are good woods to use for soundbars and bracings and bass bars and sound posts and stuff like that? I am merely an amateur with no wood working experience. I know some things but I don't have much time in my belt. I am working a guitar kit build (LP style from the fretwire) and and I am refinishing my squire strat, and I am building an actual guitar neck, and that's where I have the most money in right now. Glues, clamps, books, fret wire, saw's, radiusing blocks, files and much more. I have a template for my guitar neck and I have all the necessary tools (I still need to pick up a 9 inch band saw from Ryobi) and I have a basic plan on what to do. Advice? Thanks!

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