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Ibanez Artcore

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She's pretty!

Unfortunately I can't tell anything about the truss rod other than that there's one. Even the parts list didn't mention it.

If there's a skunk stripe on the back of the neck, it's most likely a single action rod. If the neck is solid it can be either one or two way as a one way rod can be installed in three different ways. I guess the only way to find out is to loosen the strings and see what happens when you turn the nut. Then again that might cause issues when you restring her.

There's arguments about one version having better tonal qualities than the other. However the rods aren't interchangeable, at least not in a way that would be worth the cost and risk. If the rod works as supposed I'd leave it as is.

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Hi there thanks for that, yes had the same problem, I find it very difficult dealing with Ibanez, especially in the UK.

My tech guy seems to think that it is 2 way, but I am sceptical 🤨 there is a loose spot in the centre but when you go lefty loosey or righty tighty it starts to produce pressure but then comes to a grinding halt both ways. This would to me suggest that it is bent.👿

I have 4 Martins all with 2 way truss rods and they behave differently to the Ibanez. They are nice and smooth both ways.


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3 hours ago, Stillgrinning said:

had the same problem, I find it very difficult dealing with Ibanez

Getting exact build specs for any other than the mainstream "classic" models is challenging as hobbyists aren't too interested in building a copy of them. As truss rods can't be considered "consumable" similarly to bridges or knobs they aren't included on the spare parts lists.

As you probably already know, the AF Artcore/Artcore AF neck is a model by itself so if you can find information about any Ibanez guitar using that neck you may find the answer. Somewhere I read that Ibanez mostly used single action rods until the late 1900's and apparently on some models way after that. Yours may fall in that category, as the more "traditional" version it might sell better to jazz purists!

As there's no truss rod nut available as an official spare part one might think that it's a dual action rod. A single action rod has a detachable nut, although on some guitars there's a wooden plug making the access hole too small for the nut to come off. Again, if it seems to halt both when loosening and tightening the action sounds more like a dual action one. With strings off the only way to find out is to use a straight edge to tell if you can create both a gap and a hump in the middle of the fretboard by turning the nut. 



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