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Where can I find BC Rich guitarnecks ?

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Hi everyone!

I'm glad to have found this forum. I've been checking out the main site for a while, reading the articles and such. But it's good to be in the forum among fellow guitarbuilders! :-)

Wonder if I'm the first Norwegian here, btw B)

Anyway - I'm in the process of building an evil looking BC Rich Widow, but since it's my first project, and I lack the tools and time - I am not gonna attempt the neck. Therefore, I have scoured and searched the internet up and down to try and find places that sell BC Rich guitar necks - but with no luck. Yes, I know there's eBay but what I want is really hard to come by even there.... :D

I need a neck with the classic "Widow" headstock, also found on most stock Warlock models today. I'd also like to have diamond inlays, but dot inlays are ok too.

Does anyone know of any store that sell these necks?? (preferably not custom shops that make necks after specification - those tend to be costly). Just a stock factory BC Rich neck is what I need..

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! :D

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Ed Roman has bought *alot* of B.C.Rich bodies and necks left after the founder of B.C.Rich died. He hase a huge selection of B.C.Rich guitars and parts. The only problem is that Ed Roman is supposed to be a very difficult and unfriedendly person. And my own experience in dealing with him only confirmed that.



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Another idea: You could simply buy a Warmoth or USACG neck. Both companies should be able to build you the needed peghead shape and to offer diamond inlays.

Their prices are somewhat affordable as well.

Thanks for responds, people...

I checked out Warmoth.com and they seem reasonable. I might order my neck there.

I have been watching EdRoman's site for a while. Surprisingly few BC Rich necks there, though. He has tons of Mockingbird body blanks and such but almost no necks to speak of.

Hmm, yeah I'd love to do the neck myself but for now (with limited spare time) I will focus my time and work on the body. Maybe I will try a neck from scratch with my next guitar. Ah...so many guitars....so little time.

Anyone else building BC Rich copies? :-)

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