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Capacitor Identification


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uh, thanks for the help. Its a brown ceramic disk capacitor, sorry, i forgot to mention that. I thought there was something missing.

Its in a Theremin. I am going to rebuild it. It has 10uf and 47uf capacitors, and some weird "103M" capacitors, and I was confused about it.

How did you tell by those symbols what it was?

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The standard code breaks down like this:

First two digits = value (in picofarads)

Third digit = multiplier (exponent of 10 - scientific notation.)

Alpha = tolerance

So 103M should be 10 pF * 10^3 (1000) = 10,000 pF, or .01 uF , with a tolerance of 20% (M=20%, K=10%, J=5% , etc.). It works on most ceramic disc and plastic film caps.

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