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Four-piece body


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Yesterday I went looking for wood to start a bass body. Locally, I can easily find hardwood in 10" x 1" (or so). I would need to use four pieces of this size to get the width and thickness that I need. Is this a good idea, or should I look at ordering some wood online? Keep in mind that this is my first guitar, so I'm not worried about finding incredibly figured wood :D


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Depends on where you live. Usually you can order tonewood in the correct sizes in any country and the woods like alder, basewood and mahagony are relatively cheap as well. So why build a body from 4 pieces if you dont't have too? I guess the body being 4 pieces will not harm the sound of the instrument greatly, but joining 4 pieces of wood in a way that looks really got and where the pieces fit together well is mich more difficult then shaping a body out of one piece or two pieces with only one glue joint. Another question is if the wood you are offered is good at all, if your supplier even does not have larger pieces of it.

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the guitar i made is 5 peices, you wouldnt know it though, just make suer you use a jointer on the sides so it goes together without any little crak like things (sorry, kinda havin a brain fart for words at the moment :D)

Hope this helps


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i made my guitar body 19PC..



because of, my country not sales mahogany & spenish ceda(sedro)

so i make this body blank use neck blank.. T_T

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