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Set Necks

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I really have no idea, and should probably not reply, but I believe I read the joint is a little different, to add strength. LIke a dovetail or something to that effect. Perhaps something similar to a classical acoustic heel joint, with glue added.

I would imagine the joint would be in such a way to resist the "upward" pull of the strings, like perhaps a tapered dovetail, with the bigger end being towards the top. Hopefully someone that has done one/some will reply though, cuz I was curious as well.

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You can either do a full width tennon, which is essentially a bolt on with glue, or a narrower tennon like a Les Paul. You will not find many dovetails used on electric instruments, simply because they are uneccesarily complex compared to straight sided mortice and tennon joints.

I've only ever built set-neck guitars, so I can't really compare the two directly, but I would imagine you want to aim for closer tollerances on a set neck, since you won't have any finish on the neck or pocket like a bolt on. I pitch for a joint which is tight enough for the body to be picked up by the neck without glue, and this has worked for me so far.

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