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Headless, Tremolo, … and Piezos?


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As a guitar player with no experience in guitar design, I'm designing a guitar. The guitar is designed to be headless, for lightness and balance; and to have a tremolo.

I would like to have better clean tones and I think piezos should help that. How will that possibly work in the Sophia bridge I'm planning on putting in it? I chose the sophia bridge because it seems to be a good trem that can work with a headless design. But how can I get a piezo system to work with that? And if it won't work with the sophia bridge, then which bridge can work? 

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It's a neck through design. You helped me with some of that before regarding neck pitch, The modeler is using less neck pitch, 3°, because he couldn't make it work right with 5°.

Now as for the bridge, I've contacted CSL and they said they can slot a bridge for graphtech, so I'm going to go with that. 

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