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people who have changed there Low TRS2, howd it go

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anyone who changed there crap Low TRS2 to a floyd rose original ( not a floyd rose liscenced) or a floyd rose pro, how'd it go? i need loads of reviews as im doing it to my RGT42. did you just throw in the new trem or did you have to rout and modify the guitar ( ie.. change position of trem posts, change trem posts or keep TRS ones)?

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ok here is what i know... The guy that did mine changed it from a lo trs II to an Edge low pro. As far as I can tell yes he did have to change the trem posts and he also routed out the lions claw for me. From what I can remember he said it would be dependant on the trem you ut in with regards to the routing... however for an edge low pro yes it will definately need it to allow the trem to sit and play properly. I got my trs back in a plastic bag which includes the posts/springs/ well everything really.

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