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Finished the first step in paint removal tonight and I'm wondering if anybody could tell me what exactly it was I was dealing with here? I read polyurethane, which I don't think this was.

As I was applying heat, the top layers would bubble and if I removed the heat source would cool almost instantly. If I kept a lower temperature over those areas, I could happily scrape away.
image.png.69e7cf60f9a72ef3a74c97e5145243ef.png and finally...image.png.72a253965c0559d28c920206070d25a8.png

I mean I guess it's moot now the lacquer(?) is completely off, but I'm sure I can put some other purchasers of this guitar's minds at ease knowing what I was dealing with.
My next step is to remove the remaining paint and reveal the natural finish underneath. It's a basswood top and hopefully the rest of it is as light as what has been already revealed.

Fingers crossed.

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On 1/9/2023 at 4:43 PM, Lucius Paisley said:

I read polyurethane, which I don't think this was.

Polyurethane bubbles when heated and can stick back when cooling so the top layer at least acted like poly.

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